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GOH Container Services

We are equipped to derig and kit out 40ft (FEU) and 20ft (TEU) Garment on Hanger containers used to ship high value textiles and clothing related  goods internationally.


These GOH containers usually use a string or bar system, or a combination of both depending on the type of garments being transported. The purpose of using specific GOH containers are that they increase flexibility, provide greater internal load capacity and savings on transportation and handling costs.

It is usually anticipated that leased GOH containers are returned to port with all fixtures and fittings removed ready to be redistributed to the next customer. We can therefore remove all:

  • Polyethylene sheeting

  • Beam hooks

  • S-hooks

  • Silica gels

  • Adhesive tapes

  • Stickers 

  • Hanging Bars, and

  • String

Plus any fumigation and after cleaning services to remove debris and odours.

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