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GPS Cargo Container Tracking

We are partnered with a leading returnable transit packaging and ocean container freight GPS tracking system provider which specialises in tracking valuable assets and inventory across remotely and across multiple time zones.


Devices are powered via long life lithium batteries which can emit multiple signals/pings per day to track and trace TEU and FEU shipping containers for:


  • inventory control

  • real time visibility i.e. its whereabouts at sea or arrival at a specific sea port

  • how and when cargo arrives and for how long it has been stationed and if there were delays or detours. 

All shipping containers are visible via a online dashboard integrated with Google Maps and reports are available to download to evidence multimodal shipping routes, cargo inventory, battery status, arrival and outbound reports, geo fence breaches and delays. 

Devices are positioned externally on the container and are able to withstand extreme elements i.e. heavy winds, rain, heat and temperature changes.


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